Monday, June 28, 2010

Chapter 4 - Dream On

I made it to Megs house, which was just a town home apartment. I took a key from her pocket, thank God it was the right one. I opened the door walked into the living room and laid her on the couch. I shut the door and turned on the light. The room was small, the couch was to my right against the wall. In front of it was a plasma screen T.V. The stairs were to my immediate right, going to the second floor. in the back of the room was the kitchen, separated from the living room by waist high cabinets. there was a small coffee table in the center of the room, on it were a few floral decorations. The whole place was white and bauge. bauge walls white carpet, bauge counters with white tops, you get the idea.

I ran upstairs to the bathroom, and retrieved a small cloth, and peroxide. Meg was laying on the couch very still I was wondering if she was conscious. I ran to her side and looked at her eyes. Deep hazel looking in them I could see she was in pain, they were full of tears. I poured a little peroxide on the cloth and put it to her for head. She made a face like it hurt her. "It's OK, it's OK calm down." I said in a soft voice before I knew what I was saying. She looked in my eyes, "Your bleeding." she said in a soft but alert voice. "I'm fine." I replied I didn't even feel the pain, but I could feel blood on my face. I dressed her wounds and sat on the floor. That mans eyes still pierced my soul. Those red eyes under that black hood....good God. before I knew it, I was asleep.

I was standing on a dark city street. I was alone the place looked abandoned but somehow familiar. There was a single light burning down the road, a dark figure was standing alone under the light. I don't know why, but I walked towards it. As I approached I saw it was the man I saw on the road that night. His hood was up but I could feel those red eyes on me. He was smoking a cigarette. I walked up to him and just stood there. He through the half smoked cigarette on the pavement and stomped on it. He looked up at me, I still couldn't see his face but, could feel his eyes. He spoke in a calm but serious tone, "'ve seen the truth?" I was confused, "What?" I responded. He sighed "You've seen how things really are, what really hides in the dark?" I remembered what I saw on the street that night "Yeah" I said "I guess I did." He lit another cigarette, "Then your already dead." I was in total shock not by the words but how he said them, like he'd seen this happen before and was sure of an early death for me. "What about you how long have you known the truth, huh? You're still alive!" as soon a I said that I knew I messed up, he was mad now, "My fate is sealed! I have already died once! I'll die again before my journey ends!" OK, now I was freaked out already died once? What the fuck!? He reached behind him and drew his sword. The katana glowed with evil energy. he swiped the sword across my face amd I woke covered in cold sweat...

Monday, June 21, 2010

chapter 3 - The Shit Hits The Fan

She was right we did have a good time. We were still laughing and joking on our way to her house. The plan was for me to stay at her place for the night,seemed like a good idea. Hell, my place smelled like a men's room and I new for a fact her place was allot better."told you you'd have fun." Meg told me still laughing. "Yea, after you got me drunk" I replied she looked at me with a sadistic expression "Maybe I should have my way with you." All I could do was smile and I was so drunk I said "I see nothing wrong with that." She looked at me face full of shock. She opened her mouth and all she could say was"You...really?"then we broke out laughing. Suddenly there was a loud painful crash as the car flipped and rolled onto the side walk. We had been hit on our right side, my side, by...something I wasn't sure what, but I was thoroughly confused, because to our right was another side walk.

The car came to a stop on its roof. I was disoriented, my vision was blurred and my hearing muffled. All I could see was black and sparks. All I could hear was Meg screaming in pain and fear. I shook my head and tried to regain my composure. My ears were still ringing, but I could see now. I looked over to Meg she was hanging upside down and her arm was bleeding profusely. I reached for her hand and yelled "Meg! Meg listen to me!" I yelled as loud as I could "You need to calm down and unstrap your belt!" I reached for my seat belt and unclipped it and fell on my head. I header people screaming all around me. All I could think was all these people and no one stops to help a hurt woman...sad. I got to my feet, still in the car a had to kneel low to move around. I felt blood running down my face on my right side from my head. Meg was holding out her hand to me as if I was her life and she had to reach me to survive. I went to her and held my arms under her and said "Look unclip your belt and I'll catch you!" She nodded her head to tell me she understood. Slowly she reached for her belt and she fell right into my arms. Pain shot through my right arm and my back but I held on, I was not going to drop her. I carried her out of the car and laid her on the side walk. though the light was dim I could see she was smiling. I could hear sirens in the distance over the talk and screams of the people around us. That was the best sound I could hear right now. suddenly a man screamed "What the fuck is that!" I looked up he was pointing across the street.

Now what I saw is hard to explane. this creature was tall at least eight feet. I really didn't get a good look at it on account of the dim light and shock. "meg we gotta go' I said frozen in shock.Then the creature let out a mighty roar and that brought me back. Now that I was able to move I picked up Meg and got to my feet. as soon as I did a man fell from what seemed like the sky. He landed on one knee. He was dressed in all black, black hoody, pants, and shoes as well as black cut off gloves. His hood was up so I couldn't see his face, but I could see long hair protruding from the hood. I could see a sword on his back, looked like a katana, and a pistol on his thigh.The man stood and turned to me, my blood froze. I could see a bit of his face but not much. His eyes I couldn't believe it they were red. Not entirely only slightly and they gave of a bit of light and emitted an aura of pure evil. I thought I was a dead man. He put a hand on my shoulder and yelled "Get the hell outta here!" and pushed me. Then he did the craziest think I'd ever seen. He drew his sword wich just put a feeling of, pain and evil in my gut just at the sight of it, and charged the creature! I was stuned but I knew I had to Get outta there. My back and arm was burning with pain but I turned with Meg on by back and ran down the street, still unable to belive what I'd just seen.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chapter 2 - hung over

I headed down 31st street, walking like I had a hundred pound weight on each leg. I felt like shit probably looked and smelled like it to. The brisk October air chilled my skin and the wind whipped my hair. The street was still damp from last night's down pour. Tall buildings all around and people walking by like normal. I tried as hard as I could to ignore the people staring at me as they went by. I hate people that do that. Still this day was as normal as any other so far. I drew a cigarette put it to my lips and lit it.

As I approached the watering hole I spotted Meg instantly. she was sitting at a small table for two. She was wearing a black hoody with an Urban design on it,dark blue jeans and white shoes. Her long dark heir was being tossed in the wind in front of her face. To put it simple she looked rather beautiful in the fall environment. the place was alive filled with people writing, typing, talking,whatever. The building was small and brown with two large windows on ether side of the door. the name of the establishment was Felipe's yea a strange name, but they had good joe.

I sat at the table across from Meg "Hi" was all I could say. "Hay!" she said in a cheery voice. "OK, your in a good mood, wassup?" she looked up from her coffee at me "Thought you could use some time outta that house." she said looking concerned. She was right that place was killing me and quick. "What you got on your mind?" I asked and then realised that was a bad question. She shot me an evil smile "We're gonna go have some fun!" What the Hell have I gotten myself into. Was all I could think. I knew we where gonna 'have fun' no mater what I said, or did, or how loud I screamed(you'd have to know Meg as well as I did) My head still hurt like Hell but I had no choice. I was gonna do what she wanted me to do and nothing else. I needed to get out of the house any way. "OK, what's on your mind?" I asked again she paused for a moment then grabbed her car keys "you'll see" She just had that look on her face that said...I have on idea how to describe it.

We where in the car heading through the city at a zooming four miles per hour. Traffic was Hell and I was still hung over so the roar of the Mustangs V8 engine didn't help at all. She was going on about how kick-ass this day was gonna be and I was drifting into sleep. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my gut.My eyes opened wide air poured from my lungs and my heart rate jumped as adrenalin dumped into my blood. I leaned forward and was alert awake and ready to fight. I looked down to the familiar fist in my gut. Meg nailed me good and I think I bout pissed my pants from the shock of being woke up "Damnit Meg!" I yelled. All she did was laugh. "Where the Hell are we?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 1 - One Hell of a night

I stand alone on a dark city street leaning against the wall of the local drinkery. Rain falls hard around me. The streets are dimly lit by two or three street lights and signs of buildings. Only the light from the tip of my cigarette lights my face under my hood. people walk by ideally as I stared from under my hood with pure disgust for this Hell we call home. the air is brisk for it was mid October. there was a homeless man at the other end of the street. I could feel his pain. I knew what it was like to live in the street. suddenly My phone rang in my pocket. The caller I.D. read "Meg"....great. I opened the phone "Hello?" "Were the Hell are you?!" Meg yelled back through the phone. "I'm at The Sud Shack." I replied. "What the fuck Markass?!" she yelled back,"are you drinking again?" I was silent for a moment,"What if I am?" She took a deep breath "Markass, what am I gonna do with you?" I replied with "Love me,put up with my bullshit,and don't complain." There was a short pause before she said,"Look, Just go home sober up and get some sleep." I couldn't argue with that. I haven't slept seance...I don't remember when. I threw my half smoked cigarette on the ground,the water from the rain extinguished it. My apartment was only few blocks away so it was a short walk.

I opened the door of my one room apartment, that I can still barley afford. The hole place was dark and depressing. I flicked on the light. to my right was an old beat up couch, in front of it was my piece of shit T.V. Around the right corner was the hall to my room and the can. To the left was the kitchen..I hardly use it. Hell, I hardly eat. The whole room smelled of booze and tobacco but I didn't care. The floor was bage and covered in stains,and burns. I had no idea how tired I was until I saw my bed. When I did my body felt week and fatigued. I fell on the mattress and drifted to sleep.

The sun pierced my brain like knives through my eyes. I sat up and my head throbbed like a war was inside of it. I tried to open my eyes but the light was to bright. I knew what this was...a hangover. the only thing going through my mind was"Fuck,my head hurts!" I made my way into the bathroom. Smelled like shit. I opened the medicine cabinet and retrieved my hangover pills. went to the kitchen and got a glass of much needed water. I opened my eyes and noticed I was still wearing my soaked clothing from last night. "Son of a bitch" I said aloud. Then a mind piercing ring broke the silence,my phone. I looked at the caller I.D. Meg...great. I opened the phone "Hello?"
"How you fell?"
"Not good I got a hangover from Hell."
"That's what you get."
"Did you call just to lecture me?"
"No, I want you meet me at the cafe on 31st."
I took a deep breath "OK what time?"
"Shit,OK lemme get dressed"
and hung up the phone. Great I had a screaming hang over and I gotta meet up with this chick. Oh,well I had no other choice. I got dressed and made my way there.
To be continued...